Nasik: A family in Maharashtra’s Nasik district was trying to see off their physically challenged daughter with a Muslim man after their Court marriage. But when the reception card was published and got viral on social media some Hindu groups raised a hue and cry and termed this arranged marriage as “Love Jihad” which forced the girl’s parents to cancel the reception ceremony.

The couple’s marriage, however, has already been registered with the Court. According to a report in “Aaj Tak”, the marriage of the physically challenged woman, 28, with her Muslim classmate in Nasik was registered in Court with the consent of both the families.

Now the reception was due on July 18, but as soon as the invitation card was published and got viral on social media it created a storm.

Both the families wanted to arrange the marriage reception as per the custom but some people connected with Hindu organizations termed this marriage as “Love Jihad” and created trouble.

The parents of the girl, however, are with their girl’s choice and say that this is not a case of forceful conversion.

Prasad Adgaokar, the father of the girl, says that being a physically challenged girl “my daughter was not getting a suitable life partner and my community knew about it.”

Finally, my daughter had expressed her desire to marry her Muslim classmate and the marriage was registered with the Court. “We wanted to see our daughter off according to the Hindu traditions and customs,” Adgaokar said.

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