By Dr Majid khan

Hindutva is on the rise globally, especially since 2014, when Modi came into power in India. Subsequently, after this, we have seen Hindutva is one of India’s largest export to the entire world by the Modi regime. During the last few weeks, people in United Kingdom have seen Hindutva’s fruits (brutality) and its stern consequences on the streets.

According to local sources, the tension between Hindu and Muslim young people in Leicester has been continuous for around five months. A native of Leicester, Riaz Khan, a teacher and -community clarified that in May a Hindu group of around 25 individuals set upon a Muslim fellow and battered him. Earlier to that, there had been all sorts going on—people threatening Muslim families and denying to scatter. During that entire time, the police did nothing. However, the boiling point came when the right-wing Hindu group, a follower of Hindutva, march to the Muslim community area.

On September 17, there were a few hundred of them marching from Loughborough Street to Green Lane Road. By the time they have to be North Evington, they were veiled up and chanting anti-Muslim slogans and “Jai Sri Ram” – presently a Hindu patriot war cry – and assaulting Muslims. Usually the strong brand of Hindu pride and chauvinism that Hindu patriots have continuously tried to. During the whole of that 2.5 mile march, which was completely illegal, the police did nothing.  They had six officers strolling nearby the marchers, but afterwards, top police officers here claimed they knew nothing about it.

When it got to the Muslim majority area of North Evington, Riaz says around 40 mainly Muslim men came onto the street to protect their locality. A small number of local Hindus joined them, saying the marchers didn’t represent them. Before this in August after India’s win against Pakistan in a cricket match, a Hindu group walked through the streets chanting “Death to Pakistan” before attacking a Sikh man. There were similar reports after a second cricket match between the two countries that India lost.

Leicestershire police said that they are trying their best to control further escalation in the town and other cities. In total 47 people have been arrested so far for offences in relation to unrest. Some of those arrested were from out of the city, including some people from Birmingham.

Fahim Kayani, a leader of the British Muslim community argued that Muslims are not involved, nor a party to these incidents. The Muslim community is the victim of this broad daylight attack and the Hindutva goons have clearly said in their rally that the Muslims should leave the country. “We have been warning the British authorities of the menace that is Hindutva and now it is happening in broad daylight, this is a brutal attack on harmony which is part and parcel of British fabric where countless people from across continents, from different races and religions, have settled here. The Hindutva thugs have to be brought to justice so as it serves as a deterrent against any possible future intention of the RSS, the BJP and their affiliates in the UK,” said Kayani.

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