As if to add fuel to fire, right-wing propaganda channels are active on social media “sharing videos with unverified claims from YouTube channels stating that Hindu women in Mewat (Nuh) were abducted and molested, AltNews has cautioned.

Mohammed Zubair of AltNews has also shared a video in which Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Mamata Singh is heard denying the claims made in the videos shared by right-wing propaganda channels.

“I’ve already denied all this while speaking to News Agency. No complaint of rape or sexual assault has been received till date,” the police officer told AltNews.

“Social media accounts sharing misleading claims will be booked and strict action will be taken against such accounts,” Mamata Singh added.

AltNews has also listed some of the channels running provocative and unverified claims. They are A2Z News TVLeading Bharat TV and Hindustan 9 News.

According to Mohammed Zubair, the person running A2Z News TV is one Manoj Kumar Sharma and he has shared a lot of videos related to Mewat.

The propaganda by the channels was also published by websites including

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