Rewriting of history from the Vedic times onwards is a key issue on the agenda for Hindutva activist Dinanath Batra, who presides over the right-wing Shiksha Sanskriti Utthan Nyas.

By Vikas Pathak, New Delhi

“History books from the Vedic times onwards should be rewritten. There should be focus on the Vedas and the Gita. Our struggles, our victories and defeats, our achievements and failures should all be rewritten about so that we learn from our past,” he told HT in a conversation.

He said this would happen after the new education policy and the national curriculum framework come up next year. Batra has some recommendations for the new national education policy too, and has submitted a note to the HRD ministry days back. He wants a blend of spiritualism with science in the curriculum. “If you are not spiritual in your approach to science, you will make a bomb and kill. So, these two should be combined,” he said.

He also wants integration of ancient and modern knowledge: those who study Newton should also be made to study Aryabhatt. Batra said every subject should be revised in such a way that students develop pride in it. “The first chapter of every subject should deal with contribution of that subject to world civilisation,” he said.

“Each university should adopt 10 villages. And each senior secondary school should adopt one village or slum,” Batra said, adding that there should be a balance between theory and vocational training and that there should be an independent education commission and an independent Indian education service for the sector. “Give back to society even as you study. Channelise your youth power to transform the country,” he said.

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