‘QR Code Shows He’s Muslim’ — Online Platforms Leave Vendors, Workers Vulnerable (The Quint)

Muslim vendors and delivery agents have been harassed when their identity is revealed via payment or delivery apps.

Payment applications reveal the identity of the vendor when someone makes a payment. Delivery apps don’t care to protect identities either.
(Vibhushita Singh/ The Quint)


In July 2023, a group of women halted their scooters at 32-year-old Shoaib Ali’s juice shop called ‘The Jungle Juice Corner’ in Uttarakhand’s capital Dehradun, near the Shimla Bypass Road.

Shoaib’s younger brother, Zeeshan, took their order and provided them with their fresh juices. One of the women asked Zeeshan if they can make a digital payment, using the QR code placed at the counter. Zeeshan, instinctively, said yes, not realising the havoc that decision would wreak in his life in the coming minutes.

In a video the women subsequently uploaded, the leader of the group, Radha Semwal Dhoni, a right-wing vigilante activist, can be seen alleging that they learnt of the shop-owner’s Muslim identity while making the payment. “We drank the juice and paid him via Google Pay and his mohemmadan (Muslim) name showed up – Ali. We don’t drink from a Mullah (Muslim). We have our Hindu brothers’ shops, we could just go to them,” Dhoni said.

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