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A student from Visva Bharti University in West Bengal has filed a complaint against a professor for refusing to speak to students from the Scheduled Caste and stating that he would lose his honour if he did so. The complainant Somnath Sow studied in the Department of Economics and was expelled in August from the university for allegedly ‘spoiling’ the academic environment in the premises. The student’s rustication for ‘disorderly conduct’ sparked off protests against the University Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakroborty. The Calcutta High Court set aside the university’s orders for the rustication of the student.

Professor Called Him ‘Dalit and Impure’

According to The Indian Express, the complainant mentioned that “Assistant Professor Sumit Basu told him that he does not speak to a person from the Scheduled Caste community and would lose his honour if he did”. On the other hand, the Shantiniketan police station mentioned that the professor had filed a complaint because the student had allegedly harrassed him in a public place. The student alleged that the professor had indulged in casteism by calling him a ‘Dalit and impure’.

Show-Cause Notice Against Another Professor

Meanwhile, the Visva Bharti University has issued a show-cause notice against Sudipta Bhattacharya, another professor from the Department of Economics, for allegedly instigating the students to protest against the University Vice-Chancellor. Professor Bhattacharya is already facing suspension. The Vice-Chancellor had rusticated three students for their disorderly conduct, and the protests were a consequence of the administration’s action towards the students. The Visva Bharti University was inaugurated in December 1921 and would soon complete 100 years of existence.

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