Posters telling Hindus not to sell properties to Muslims emerge in Delhi’s Brahmapuri area. Photo: Twitter/ @tarunkhaitan

New Delhi: Over the last three years, residents of several parts of northeast Delhi have gone about repairing their lives following the riots that had left 53 dead – two-thirds of them Muslims – and hundreds injured and led to the loss of property worth thousands of crores. As people battled the Covid-19 pandemic and tried to piece their lives together following the economic upheaval it caused, the hope was that things would improve.

The riots also bred a sense of insecurity among several residents of the area, as they moved out of their homes to places which they perceived as safer localities.

But now posters have emerged in some parts of Brahmpuri in Shahdara asking Hindus not to sell their properties to Muslims and threatening that any registration of such a property would be opposed.

Issued in the name of an advocate, Pradeep Sharma of Lane No. 13, Brahmpuri, these posters also direct that all future transactions in the Brahmpuri area would be between Hindus alone.

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