Members and Supporters of the Overseas Friends of BJP Take Part in a Car Rally in the US in Support of PM Modi ahead of Lok Sabha Polls in India, on Sunday. PTI


The Overseas Friends of BJP in the US has held car rallies in 20 different American cities to express their support for a third term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urge the people of India to give a decisive mandate of 400 plus seats to the BJP-led NDA alliance in the general elections.

“Indian American community is extremely enthusiastic and motivated to see the Modi-led BJP and NDA cross 400 seats,” said Adapa Prasad, president of OFBJP-USA. Indian Americans want the NDA to achieve “Ab ki Baar 400 Paar” in the Lok Sabha Elections.

 He said he had never seen such enthusiasm among the Indian-American diaspora.
Vasudev Patel, national general secretary of OFBJP-USA said, “The community has participated enthusiastically in the OFBJP organised car rallies from east coast to west coast and north to south in about 20 cities in a coordinated fashion.” In the Washington DC metro area, rallies were conducted in Virginia and Maryland. In New Jersey, about 200 cars participated in a carnival atmosphere.PTI

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