By Maktoob Staff

In a recent operation, Kerala Police have busted a substantial cache of 770 kg explosives from the residences of a local RSS leader and his relative in Poyiloor, Kannur district.

The stash was uncovered at the homes of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh local leader Vadakayil Pramod and his relative Vadakayil Shanta. Pramod is currently absconding.

“The operation, led by Kolavalloor Police Inspector Sumeet Kumar and Sub-Inspector Sobin, was initiated based on confidential information, resulting in the significant seizure,” Kolavalloor Police said to Maktoob.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the explosives were intended for illegal distribution. Consequently, we have initiated legal proceedings, registering two cases in connection with the incident. We are escalating efforts to ensure the safety and security of the region amidst these concerning developments,” added the police.

The seizure of such a substantial quantity of explosives has raised alarm among locals, particularly as the Lok Sabha elections approach.

Last year, a youth affiliated with RSS had suffered severe injuries after an explosion occurred during bomb-making near Eranjolipalam in Kannur. Vishnu (20) had his palms shattered and scattered in the incident. The explosion took place in a field near Vishnu’s house while he was in the process of making a bomb.

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