Total bonds bought by these 26 companies from April 2019 till February 2024 is Rs 5,179 crore; BJP enchased 37%, TMC 18%, Congress 12%.

By Anjishnu Das

Of 26 companies that bought the electoral bonds and have faced action by investigative agencies, 16 donated to political parties through bonds only after they came under the radar of these agencies. Further, the donations of another six companies surged after these agencies started cracking down on them.

A scrutiny of the 26 companies by The Indian Express reveals the parties that benefited included the BJP, which rules at the Centre, and got 37.34% of the bonds purchased by these companies, and other ruling parties in states like the TMC got 18.29%, DMK 11.35%, BJD 4.48% and BRS 8.59%. The Congress, which rules in three states, got 11.97%.

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