In a recent interview, Nupur J. Sharma, editor of OpIndia was heard making derogatory remarks about revered Muslim saint, Moinuddin Chishti. In a video that surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter on Thursday, she can be heard saying, “Muslim Sufis including saints like Moinuddin Chisti, killed and raped Hindus.” She further added, “If Sufism is a sect that looks inwards, why did even the Sufis have a problem co-existing with Hindus and persecuted the Hindus calling them kafirs and idol-worshippers”.

“Is there a variant of Islam, that will allow them to peacefully coexist with Hindus?,” she questions the interviewee as an Islamophobic remark. The Interview was conducted by OpIndia, a news website widely known for its bias towards the current ruling government in India.

Sharma has been called out multiple times even before this, for inciting hate through the dissemination of false information. To list some of the instances — in 2020, the Bihar police registered a case against two rightwing websites OpIndia and KhabarTak, accusing them of creating communal tension in the region.

OpIndia is also reported to have falsely claimed that the murder of a Hindu boy in Bihar had a “communal intent”, but all allegations were later refuted by the Police, exposing OpIndia of its Anti-Muslim bias.

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