By Srishti Ojha

The Supreme Court dismissed a petition filed by four accused in the 2019 Jamia violence case, challenging the Delhi High Court’s order reversing a trial court’s verdict discharging 11 accused in the case.

The petition was filed by Mahmood Anwar, Mohd Qasim, Shahzar Raza Khan, and Umair Ahmad.

The Delhi High Court in March had overturned the trial court’s order discharging Sharjeel Imam, Safoora Zargar, Asif Iqbal Tanha, and eight others in the 2019 Jamia violence case. The high court also charged them with rioting and unlawful assembly, among other offences.

The high court’s order was in response to a plea by the Delhi Police, challenging the trial court’s order, which it called “perverse” and “unsustainable in law”.

The case concerns the violence that erupted after a clash between the Delhi Police and those protesting against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area in December 2019.

The trial court, in its February 4 order, discharged 11 people from the case while holding that they were made “scapegoats” by the police and that dissent should be encouraged, not stifled.

The police, in its revision petition, said the trial court’s order is in the teeth of well-settled principles of law, suffers from grave infirmities that go to the root of the matter and is perverse.

The 11 people who were discharged in the case are Sharjeel Imam, Tanha, Zargar, Mohammad Qasim, Mahmood Anwar, Shahzar Raza Khan, Mohammad Abuzar, Mohammad Shoaib, Umair Ahmad, Bilal Nadeem and Chanda Yadav…

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