No burqa allowed, Patna college tells Muslim students; imposes Rs 250 fine for violation

JD Women’s College in Patna on Saturday imposed a dress code in the campus, under which Muslim students would be barred from wearing burqa inside the college premises.

Students staged a protest against burqa ban in Patna, Bihar on Saturday. (Photo credit: India Today)

By Rohit Kumar Singh 

A college in Patna has imposed a dress code under which Muslim students would no longer be allowed to wear burqa inside the college premises. The ban has been imposed in Patna’s JD Women’s College.

In a notice signed by the college proctor and principal, students have been asked to comply with the new dress code.

The college administration has also imposed a fine of Rs 250 in case anyone is found violating the dress code.

Besides this, the college has also prescribed a dress code but the notice does not provide details about it.

The notice reads: “All students have to come to college in the prescribed dress code, every day except on Saturday. Students are prohibited from wearing ‘burqa’ in college. A fine of Rs 250 will be imposed for violation.”

On Saturday, students staged a protest against this ban.

When India Today TV asked college principal Shyama Roy about the rationale of this order, she said she is withdrawing the order banning burqa in college.

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