NCHRO Challenges Madhya Pradesh’s ‘Love Jihad Law’ in High Court

The said law is against constitutional values, states the petition


By Pervez Bari 

BHOPAL — The National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations (NCHRO), Madhya Pradesh unit, has challenged the Madhya Pradesh Religious Freedom Act, 2020, infamously known as ‘Love Jihad Law’ in Jabalpur High Court.

The NCHRO’s state secretary Adv. Shilpi Rangari in a press statement stated that the petition filed in the name of state president Aradhana Bhargava has appealed to the High Court to declare the Act as unconstitutional, stating the said law is against constitutional values. The petition says that the clauses of the said law are against the provisions of Chapter III of the Indian Constitution.

The petition points out that Article 25 of the Constitution gives every citizen the right to adopt any religion as per his wish, to follow it and to propagate it. But the Religious Freedom Act 2020 violates this right of citizens as provided by the Constitution. Therefore, this law is against the values ​​and provisions of the Indian Constitution.

It may be noted that ever since anti-conversion Ordinance was passed by the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, there has been a spurt in police cases wherein large number of people belonging to minority community have been targeted.

Keeping this in view, the said writ petition has sought to reject the Religious Freedom Act 2020 and to declare it as ultravirus to the Constitution.

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