Muslims make up around 30% of inmates in Indian prisons, double of their share in population (Muslim Mirror)

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Muslims made up almost 30% of all detainees in Indian prisons in 2021, despite the community having a demographic percentage of only 14.2%. (as of 2011).

Four different types of prisoners are housed in Indian prisons: convicts (those who have been found guilty of a crime and received a sentence from a court), undertrials (those who are currently in legal proceedings), detenues (those who are being held legally), and those who do not fall into any of these three categories but make up a small portion of the total prison population.

It is noteworthy that despite the minority only made up 34% of the State’s population, 61% of Assam’s inmates on death row and 49% of those awaiting trial were Muslims. In States with a disproportionately high detainee population, Gujarat, U.P., Haryana, and J&K U.T. had the highest proportion of Muslim detainees relative to their population.

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