By Syed Ali Mujtaba / Clarion India

BHOPAL — Anti-Muslim violence has come to light from Udaipura town in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh during a religious procession taken out for the ritual immersion of the Ganesh idol. The incident took place on the night of September 10, 2022.

While passing through a Muslim locality, the Ganesh procession suddenly took a hostile turn as provocative songs with loud music started playing. After reaching a madrasa the procession stopped abruptly never to proceed further.

This angered the Muslim community living in the vicinity. An irate Muslim woman threw a slipper on a group of teenagers, who were part of the procession dancing in front of her home. It is also alleged that some Muslims poured hot water on the procession from the rooftop which proved a trigger.

Thereafter, the Hindu mob allegedly set on fire more than 12 vehicles belonging to Muslims. A video of the incident has gone viral showing a group of enraged men toppling vehicles. As the violence was exacerbated, a curfew was imposed in the area to maintain order.

The police lodged an FIR against four Muslims, including two women for allegedly inciting the violence. They also lodged a suo moto FIR against unidentified persons for damaging Muslim properties and vehicles.

Amrat Meena, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Raisen district, said, “All the four accused in the case have been arrested, and FIR against the unidentified person has been lodged as the accused are yet to be identified.”

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