Muslims account for 90% of arrested individuals: Haryana Police (Muslim Mirror)

In the aftermath of communal clashes that erupted in Nuh district of Haryana, a total of 170 individuals have been arrested, with a significant majority belonging to the Muslim community.

According to Nuh police sources, approximately 90 percent of the arrested individuals are Muslims. The clashes have prompted a total of 56 FIRs to be registered, indicating the scale of the violence that transpired.

Muslim community members have raised concerns over alleged bias in the arrests. They claim that the police disproportionately targeted Muslim men while failing to take adequate action against Hindu men involved in the violence.

A senior police officer acknowledged the high number of Muslim arrests but emphasized that action was also taken against Hindus responsible for the unrest. Notably, four suspects involved in the torching of a mosque were apprehended.

Amidst the controversy, Muslim families are seeking justice for their arrested relatives, maintaining their innocence. Among those detained are individuals who are believed to be under the age of 18, further intensifying the debate surrounding the arrests.

In some cases, family members assert that their detained sons and brothers were minors at the time of arrest, suggesting a potential violation of legal protocols…

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