By Akhlad Khan

A 19-year-old Muslim youth Sameer Shahpur has been allegedly lynched and killed by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) members in Karnataka’s Gadag district on Monday.

Sameer, along with his friend Shamsir was allegedly attacked by Sangh Parivar goons in Naragund town in Gadag, Monday evening around 7.30 pm.


Sameer’s friend says that the hate speeches were delivered against the Muslims by the RSS leader Sanju nelvade, ex secretary RSS, naragund taluk (RSS LEADER) inside the Nargund Police station premises. A protest rally was organised by Sanghparivar yesterday in Naragund where slogans were raised against Muslims and the police reportedly acted as the bystander.

This incident took place after RSS organises a protest in the town where Anti-Muslim slogans were raised. Videos have surfaced in which Naragund Taluk’s former secretary Sanju Nalvade is heard making speeches against Muslim community. The perpetrators stabbed Sameer’s chest with a knife (Trishool) and fired Shamshir’s back with a deadly weapon.

Sameer, who runs his uncle’s restaurant, went to the hotel last night and took his friend Shamsir, who owns a photo studio shop on his bike.

Nearly 10-15 members of RSS, waiting at Naragunda State Bank near Sangarwara, stopped their bike and attacked them with deadly weapons. “They stabbed him with a Hindu weapon ‘Trishool’, he tried to escape and rescue himself, he was running to save his life, they caught him and mercilessly thrashed him with sharp weapons”, said Sameer’s friend.

Sameer was taken to the hospital by the locals where he breathe his last on Monday night at Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) hospital in Hubli, while Shamsir has survived the attack.
The victim Sameer’s father, completely broken by his son’s murder, says “My Son was very laborious, he used to look after his uncle’s hotel/restaurant, we live in different village, news of his demise has shaken our consciences, we are totally speechless. I am recalling all my memories, this is something which we haven’t thought ever. Sameer never had any rivalry with anyone, he was a very kind hearted son. The hate which has been fuelled in the society has taken my child away from us. We demand stringent actions against the culprits. This can happen to any other person also. Hate should be vanished from this world”.

“They killed my brother merely because of his religious identity. We have lost everything. I can’t express my grief. Nothing can bring my brother back, but justice should prevail. No innocent life should be treated like the way they treated my brother. These hate mongers should be censured”, says Sameer’s brother.

The victim’s family has complained that the gang members, including Mallikarjuna Hiremath and Kumar, were involved in the act. An FIR has been lodged at Naragund police station. Four member of the RSS and Bajrang Dal have been arrested so far.

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