Muslim teacher fired for her Hijab

by DOTO Database & Rashtriya Sahara

A matter of firing of a Muslim female teacher has come to light becuase she used a hijab. According to sources, Fatima Hasan, a female teacher of Super Montessori School, Thakur Ganj, Lucknow has been prohibited to take her calsses with her hijab. She was further told that her wearing of hijab had resulted in the school’s losses, and therefore she should either not wear her hijab, or resign from the position.
It is worth mentioning that Fatima Hasan had been an English teacher at SM School for around a year. She had always used the hijab. No one had objected to it until the month of December, when the Principal of the school said that she had to teach without the hijab, as her hijab had brought financial losses to the school.
While talking to the media, Fatima Hasan said that she had been informed by the Principal of the school that the supervisor of a student had queried about her, and that whether she was a teacher of Urdu or Religious studies. She was further informed that due to the hijab many parents have withdrawn the admission of their children from the school.
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