Multiple hate speeches at Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s All India Hindu Rashtra Convention in Goa

Location: Panaji, Goa

At Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s All India Hindu Rashtra Convention, VD Savarkar’s grandson Ranjit Savarkar delivered anti-Muslim hate speech and called for a boycott of trade with Muslims. “Look at how many mini Pakistans are in Goa,” said Ranjit.

Far-right monk Yati Chetnanand Saraswati of Akhand Hindustan Morcha in her speech, targeted Muslims and their faith.

BJP leader Kapil Mishra indulges in fear-mongering and promotes fallacies about Halal products.

Far-right lawyer Hari Shankar Jain demonized Muslims and sought the removal of Article 14 (Right to equality), Articles 15, 29 & 30 of the Indian constitution. He further asked government to ensure that only those who have knowledge of Hindu religious text be appointed as judge to High Court and Supreme Court.

Colonel RSN Singh, a former Research and Analysis Wing officer and Indian Army officer makes false claims about the Odisha train accident. Invents a new conspiracy theory of “Rail Jihad.”

Major Saras Tripathi, a former Indian Army officer, indulges in fear-mongering against Muslims. “[Indian] Constitution acts like a termite in our society,” Tripathi said.

T Raja Singh delivers hate speech targeting Muslims.

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