MP: Muslim shopkeepers forced to remove stalls from Indore temple (Siasat)

Upon noticing the group forcing Saleem to leave, other Muslim shopkeeprs also left the temple premises.

Muslim Shopkeepers asked to leave temple Premises in Indore

As the anti-Muslim sentiment grows in Madhya Pradesh, a few Muslim shopkeepers on Saturday were forced to remove stalls from a Hindu temple premises.

The incident occurred at Indore’s Bijasan temple where members of a right-wing group, Hindu Jagaran Manch began checking the IDs of the shopkeepers. Upon coming across a Muslim they forced him to remove his stall.

A video shared on Twitter shows the members of the Manch asking the shopkeeper to wind up his belongings and leave. A woman from the group asked the man his name to which he answers “Mohammed Saleem.”

Upon noticing him, the group forces Saleem and other Muslim shopkeepers to leave the temple premises.
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