Members of the Hindutva mob began live-streaming their brutality on social media as violence related to the Ram Temple celebrations spirals out of control in Mumbai’s Mira Road for the second day.

Many shops and vehicles belonging to Muslims were attacked by the Jai Shri Ram shouting saffron mob.

A video surfaced on social media showing Ram devotees assaulting a Muslim autorickshaw driver and his vehicle at Mira Road.

Several right-wing handles posted videos of the attacks on Muslims with Ram devotion songs on social media.

This occurs on a day when the Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation used bulldozers on Tuesday afternoon to demolish about 15 structures in the Muslim-dominated Haidary Chowk area in Mira Road, all owned by Muslims.

Shop owners claim they possessed legal documents, and no notices were served before the demolition.

“We have documents to prove the structures are legal. No notices were served. There may be issues with construction outside shops for which the corporation does not give permission. But there are thousands such in and around Mira Road. There are illegal buildings right next to our structure — they were left untouched. What message is the state trying to send by targeting shops owned by Muslims,” Indian Express quoted Azam Khan, a caretaker of one of the plots where structures were partially demolished, as saying.

This follows two days of violent celebrations of Ayodhya’s Ram temple consecration in Maharashtra’s Mira Road.

The police arrested 15 more individuals on Tuesday, in addition to the 13 held the previous day. Of these 13, nine were arrested, and four were minors. According to sources, all arrested individuals are Muslims.

Police officials mentioned that about 13 FIRs have been registered based on complaints from both sides in connection with the incidents, with at least four from the Muslim side.

Additional Commissioner of Police Shrikant Pathak stated that FIRs filed by the Muslim community members complained of assault and damage to property by an unknown mob. No arrests have been made regarding these four FIRs, as reported by Indian Express.

Following the Hindutva celebrations on Sunday, BJP leader Nitesh Rane posted a message on Monday morning, saying, “Mira Road madde je kaal ratri jhala.. ek yaad rakhna… Chun chun ke marenge !!! Jai Shri Ram (What happened in Mira Road yesterday.. remember one thing… will hit every person involved).” In another post on Monday night, he said, “We will meet tomorrow in Mira Road.”

Anti-Muslim slogans were raised, and clashes erupted in several parts of the state, including Mira Road and Panvel areas adjacent to Mumbai on 21 and 22 January.

On the first day of violence, at about 11 pm on Sunday, the police reportedly tried to stop a rally of Hindus from entering a Muslim locality in Mira Road, leading to tensions on both sides and clashes. Hindutva supporters in the Hindu rally were chanting genocidal and provocative slogans.

Videos accessed by Maktoob showed Muslims’ properties being attacked and vandalized by a saffron mob.

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