Muslims in Haryana’s Mewat expressed dismay after several Mahapanchayats were organized in villages in support of those arrested in lynching Muslim gym trainer, Asif Khan. According to reports, over 50,000 people gathered in Indri village, flouting lockdown restrictions, to defend and gloat anti-Muslim violence.

“On the night of 30 May mahapanchayat was held in Indri village in which they hurled abuses at the Muslim community, used objectionable language and made threats against the community,” Mohammed Hanif, Asif Khan’s uncle told Maktoob.

From the videos of the gathering and the rallies, anti-Muslim sloganeering were heard and several hate speeches were made and received with applause.

In the video, Karni Sena President says ‘We can’t even kill Muslims now”.

Asif Khan, 27, a resident of Khalilpur Kheda was lynched by Hindu groups on the night of 16 May on his way back home after buying medicines. 14 people were named in the FIR, including the main accused Patwari, Advani, Mahendra and Anup, all associated with BJP or Sangh Parivar.

Before the mahapanchayat, small scale panchayats were held in different villages to make them aware of the mahapanchayat. Muslims in the Nuh region of Haryana has flagged that there were calls for mass violence against Muslims in these events.

“Their intention is to make us leave from here. They don’t want to see us here. After the mahapanchayat, a mob gathered around the village and we could hear them hurling abuses and raising slogans like  ‘Mulle we will kill you’,  ‘Hindu Unity Zindabad’, ‘Jai Shree Ram’ and also were seen flaunting their swords,” says Hanif.

Muslim neighbourhood live in hostility ever since due to the fact they are few in numbers and police show little interest in safeguarding them.

Mufeed, a resident of Khalilpur Kheda told Maktoob that on the night of 30 May around 7 vehicles carrying the delinquent mob came at his chowk and started raising slogans.

“They were heard saying “goli etni marenge ki goli goli ho jaega” ( we will fire so many bullets that the whole area will be filled with them)” claims Mufeed.

“We expect the police to do the needful and serve us with justice. We believe in the peaceful coexistence and the harmony we have here. All we want is justice for Asif and his family”.

People organizing and attending the mahapanchayats, however, claimed that the accused are innocent men and they should be released immediately.

Killers of 16-year-old Junaid were also seen speaking at the mahapanchayat.

The Muslim Raksha Dal (MRL), Haryana, has already filed a police complaint with the Mewat SP against these mahapanchayats being held, accusing the organizers and speakers of “hate speech, breaking laws, harming the brotherhood and even instigating riots”.

Village Pradhan defends Hindu panchayats

Speaking to Maktoob, Indri Panchayat Pradhan, Kamal Singh Panwar refuted the claims of Muslims and defended the mahapanchayats.

“They did not speak in the midst of the panchayat, they spoke in front of the media. Talking about what Karni Sena President Amu ji said, we cannot say anything about him. He is our senior, There was nothing in the panchayats that were to instigate riots or block roads outside”.

Pradhan warned Muslims to not commit crimes to save their lives.

“A few days ago some Muslims broke our car, now tomorrow if I kill them, will it be mob lynching? Sometimes they will get beaten up, may be killed even, sometime they will get into our clutches, how long will they avoid their fate. we will not spare to them, will this also be mob lynching? But Saale media waale, Media people will tell you lynching,” he said.

“All these Muslims were all Jats and Thakars of Mewat, they had converted their religion out of fear in the time of Aurangzeb. In 15-20 years their population increased so much, they produce 10-15 children, earlier more than 40℅ we were people of Hindu society, now only 10% Hindus are left in Mewat. Some Muslim brothers are good with whom we celebrate Eid and Diwali also,” the Pradhan commented.

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen President Asaduddin Owaisi on Sunday said that the mahapanchayat amounted to radicalisation. “50k gather in “Hindu Mahapanchayat” to support Asif’s killers,” he tweeted. “Speeches celebrate violence against Muslims & blame Asif for his death. This is radicalisation. Lowly thugs who would be rejected in a decent society enjoy social/political support here.”

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