The National Medical Commission (NMC), the apex regulatory body for medical education in India, has landed in a controversy over its revamped logo that shows a colourised image of Ayurveda god Dhanvantri.

Reacting to the move, Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Shantanu Sen has asked NMC to “reconsider” its decision.

Sen, who is also a former national president and state secretary of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), shot off a letter to BN Gangadhar, chairman of NMC, warning that the “issue might be taken to a court of law by anyone putting NMC as a whole and you in trouble”.

The letter dated November 30 says: “When our Constitution of India speaks about secularism and we promote dovetailing of religions, a symbol of one particular religion in the logo of NMC having immense national and international importance goes against the basic essence of our Constitution.”

It added: “It has been brought to my notice from different sources that NMC has recently adopted a new logo which symbolises a particular religion of the country.”

Sen has asked Gangadhar for multiple details to validate if decision-making has been done officially or the logo has been changed randomly without following any set protocol.

“…in which meeting of the advisory council the decision of such adoption took place and under the provision of which rule/guidance of NMC,” he asked.

“I would also like to know that if you have taken the decision, then which section/rule of NMC provides you with the authority to take such a decision.”

Sen claimed that he has also been informed by several other members of NMC across the nation that they have hardly any information regarding such adoption.

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