Demonstrations unfolding outside the Rahuri Tehsildar office by the villagers of Guha. Photo: Zeeshan Kaskar.

By Zeeshan Kaskar

Villagers of Guha village of Maharashtra’s Ahmadnagar have been protesting for more than 82 days in front of the Rahuri Tehsil office. The issue in contention is about the Hazrat Ramzan Shah Baba or the Kanobha Dargah in Guha.

Historically, the Dargah at Guha has stood as a testament to the blending of Sufi and Nath traditions, with local Muslim Mujawar families shouldering the responsibility of its management. However, the tranquility of this syncretic space has been under attack.

The catalyst for the current conflict can be traced back to the events of December last year, when a Ram Kalash Yatra procession led to the unauthorised placement of a Hindu idol within the dargah premises. Despite appeals to authorities and legal interventions, the mob placed the idol of Kanifnath inside the Dargah. Since then, the premises of the Hazrat Ramzan Shah Baba has been sealed by the local police.

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