Maharashtra: At Shaurya Path Sanchalan event, Shankar Gaikar makes anti-Muslim statements ( Sabrang )

Gaikar uses the histories of Chhtrapati Shivaji and Aurangzeb to enthrall the audience and create disharmony

Hate Watch

A video has been gaining attention on social media wherein Senior Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Shankar Gaikar can be heard spewing anti-Muslim venom. The said speech was given by Gaikar at a Shaurya Path Sanchalan event, held in Boisar, Maharashtra. The speech, link for which is attached below, makes several reference to the past Mughal and Maratha leaders of India, which have been presented by the speaker after giving a communal and divisive touch. At many points, the speaker has unfairly brought in the history of Islam and made hateful statements regarding the same.

The speech:

The video begins by Gaikar saying that “Military aur police ne kaha hai ki aap danda haath mei mat leke chalo, mai unko kehna chahta hu- yeh danda, yeh bajrang dal ka danda hai. Yeh samaaj ke suraksha ka danda hai mere police bhai ko mai kehna chahtaq hu. (The military and police have asked to not take the stick in our hand, I want to tell them – this stick, this is the bajrang dal’s stick. This is a stick for the security of the society, I want to tell my police brothers.)”

Following the example of the other extremist hindutva outfits, Gaikar instigates people to indulge in violence, and says, “Yeh danda uske upar hi pehar karega jo rashtra vitaghat kaam karega, bharat mata ko apmanit karega, bharat mata ke seene par talwar chalaega chaku chalaega. Yeh danda uss kaam mei aega. (This stick will attack those who work against the nation, insult Bharat Mata, wield a sword on the chest of Mother India and use a knife. This stick will be useful for that purpose.)”

He then says, “Aur aap ko mai kehna chahta hu, police humari dushman nahi hai. Jis police ke dwara humari suraksha hoti hai, aur jab jab samay aata hai toh bajrang dal bhi apna shaurya nahi dikhata, unke saath seva ka kaam karta hai. Unke saath kandhe se kandha ladata hai aur bharat mata aur samaj ki seva karta hai. (And I want to tell you, the police are not our enemy. The police who protect us, and when the time comes, Bajrang Dal also does not show its bravery, it works with them as a service. Fights shoulder to shoulder with them and serves Mother India and society.)”

The video then gets cut to him starting with his communal diatribe, where Gaikar can be heard saying, “Kisi mei itni takat nahi hindu ki beti uthakar le jae. Krurta unke khoon mei basi hai yeh dhayan mei rakho. Hindu kabhi krur nahi hota, hindu har samay shur hota hai, woh saamne se ladhta hai. (No one has the power to take away the daughter of a Hindu. Keep in mind that the bitterness is in their blood. Hindu is never cruel, Hindu is always angry, and he fights from the front.)” “Gaddari ka kaam kabhi Hindu karta nahi hai. (Hindus never do the work of treachery.)”

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