K’taka: Former BJP MLA gives veiled threat to Muslims for not voting for him (Sabrang)

He had formerly said that since Muslims don’t vote for him, he will not do any work for them

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The recently concluded Assembly elections in Karnataka brought in a strong wave of anti-incumbency, putting the Congress in power with a thumping majority. However, this clearly did not sit well with the Karnataka BJP. A former MLA, from Hassan Preetam Gowda, spoke (presumably) from the rooftop of his house and said that he has worked for 5 years while others were sleeping. “One particular community of people have shown us. In the coming days, we’ll show what we are. I will show them what my power is,” he said in Kannada. Here, he has issued a veiled threat to Muslims in his constituency, since he was not elected this time around.

In December 2022, Gowda had allegedly addressed Muslim constituents and  said that they should vote for him or else he will not do any work for them. He said that when it comes to voting they (muslims) don’t vote for him so he will not help them.

As per census 2011, Hassan had about 25% Muslim population.

BJP in Karnataka had vehemently polarised its election campaign with the BJP promising cancelling of the 4% quota for OBC Muslims (towards which the Supreme Court had expressed its displeasure as the matter is sub judice before it). The Congress on the other hand promised that if voted to power it will bring back the quota.

K.S. Eshwarappa of BJP had said during his campaign that BJP does not want any Muslim votes. Further, BJP MLA Basangouda Patil Yatnal known for his anti-Muslim stance had sparked a row over his comments comparing Muslims in the state to Tipu Sultan, while addressing a rally in Vijaypura keeping in the mind the Assembly elections. “Going forward in Bijapur, none of the followers of Tipu Sultan will win. Even by mistake you should not cast your votes for Muslims,” he had said in Kannada…

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