by News Desk

Kashmiri journalist Asif Sultan has been released after spending more than five years in jail.

According to news Laundry, Asif was released nearly 78 days after Jammu Kashmir High Court quashed his detention order under the Public Safety Act.

Asif was jailed at the Ambedkar Nagar district jail in Uttar Pradesh.

The Kashmiri journalist was booked under the charges of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act in August 2018 and then after being bailed out in that case in April 2022, he was booked under the Public Safety Act in the same month.

The court quashed his detention on December 11 last year, stating the detaining authorities “did not follow the procedural requirements in letter and spirit”.

However, he continued to remain in jail awaiting “clearance letters” from Kashmir’s home department and Srinagar district magistrate.

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