Chikkamagalur police assaulted a Maulana and threatened him with a gun for a defective number plate, IANS reported. Following the incident, the police department swiftly apologised for the excesses against the victim and assured action against the officer.

On September 25, Imtiyaz Maulana, a religious leader was stopped by Chikkamagalur police for having a defective registration number plate on his two-wheeler.

“I had got my wife discharged from the hospital. I was supposed to take classes. I was in a hurry. I asked the police to let me go. I was asked to speak to the sub-inspector inside the police station. I repeatedly asked him about what is the issue with defective number plate,” the Maulana reportedly said.

“Since there was no response, I started asking others that how could they just say it is a defective registration number plate, that’s when a policeman dragged me further inside the police station and hit me with a stick about 25 to 30 times,” he added.

“The police officer took out his gun and threatened me. Later, I was kept in the station for an hour. Afterwards, I paid Rs 500 fine and the police let me go,” he said.

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) reacted strongly to the incident. Afsar Kodlipet, the General Secretary of SDPI stated that the incident had taken place close on the heels of a sub-inspector who asked a Dalit youth to drink urine. “Police atrocities are on the rise in Karnataka and Home Minister should initiate action in this case,” Kodlipet said.

“The police are meant to protect the people, not manhandle them over such offences. The maulana only had to pay a fine,” he said, demanding suspension of the officer.

Kodlipet told IANS that Hakay Akshay Machindra, the Superintendent of Police has called and apologised for the incident. “The SP assured of action against the police officer and also assured that such incidents won’t be repeated in future.