Karnataka: Police accused of manhandling local Muslim scholar (Maktoob)


On 2nd June 2023, an inter-religious couple (Muslim girl and Hindu boy) caused a stir when they were spotted attempting to elope from Karnataka’s Bhatkal city. The incident unfolded near the Shiroor toll gate, prompting people to report to the local authorities.

Anticipating the police intervention and the growing crowd, the couple tried to flee the scene but they were intercepted by a group of individuals near Hotel Highway.

Meanwhile, Moulana Abdul Aleem Nadvi, an Islamic scholar from Shiroor and a teacher of Islamic studies at Touheed Public School, happened to pass by the area while the incident was taking place. Witnessing the commotion and the sizeable gathering, Moulana inquired about the situation.

As Moulana started asking about the incident, he alleged that police personnel, including Sub Inspector Niranjan Gowda and police constables from Byndoor, arrived at the scene. To the astonishment of onlookers, “the officers began abusing me physically and verbally without any apparent justification,” he said in his complaint to the police.

The unjust behavior of the police officers outraged many individuals present, prompting a crowd to assemble near Shiroor gym, demanding justice for Moulana Abdul Aleem Nadvi.

“As I approached the scene, my curiosity grew upon witnessing the large crowd gathered. Numerous questions raced through my mind as I began to inquire about the situation unfolding before me. However, I was abruptly interrupted by the sudden arrival of the police at the spot. Astonishingly, without any discernible justification, they proceeded to physically assault me, making derogatory remarks about my Islamic attire. Furthermore, they issued threats, warning me that I would be arrested and subjected to severe torture if I dared to utter a single word.” Said Moulana Abdul Aleem Nadvi to Maktoob.

Despite the mounting pressure and calls for an apology, the sub-inspector declined to offer any remorse for the mistreatment of Moulana Abdul Aleem Nadvi. Consequently, aggrieved citizens took legal action against the inspector, filing a case against him…

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