Screengrab of women leaving the pub after Bajrang Dal activists barged inside and stopped a farewell party on Monday night

Members of Bajrang Dal, the Hindutva right-wing organization entered a pub in Mangaluru on Monday night and chased away young men and women who were partying there.

The gathering was a farewell party organized by seniors of a college.

The pub – Amnesia- The Lounge – is the same place that was attacked by members of Sriram Sena in 2009. Many men and women were abused by the right-wing organization.

According to police inspector Raghavendra, the Bajrang Dal members barged into the party, where drinks were served, and rudely asked men and women to leave. They even hurled abuses at the women. According to them, women should not indulge in such activities as it is “against Indian culture and tradition”.

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