In another hate crime that unfolded in Karnataka’s Gangavathi, a blind Muslim man was brutally attacked by individuals allegedly associated with Hindutva groups for refusing to chant “Jai Shri Ram.”

Hussain Sahab, a respected local figure in Gangavathi town, raises funds from local mosques to meet his daily needs. On the night of November 24th, he returned to Gangavathi from Hospet, a city 33 km away, where he had gone to raise funds from the mosque for his sustenance.

Upon reaching Gangavathi at around 3 am on November 25, Hussain Sahab, being visually impaired, usually relies on an auto-rickshaw to reach his home. However, he contemplated walking due to the steep fare of 150 rupees. Hearing a scooter approaching, he sought a lift, but what followed was a horrific incident of violence.

The individuals on the scooter forcefully pulled Hussain Sahab onto it, subjecting him to verbal abuse and Islamophobic comments. According to Hussain Sahab, the assailants, aged between 25 and 30, even addressed each other as “appi” (bro in local slang).

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