Karnataka BJP MLA warns Muslims: ‘We are 80%, you are 17%; don’t oppose CAA’

Somashekara Reddy speaks at a pro-CAA rally organised by AB ..

BENGALURU: G Somashekara Reddy, Ballari City BJP MLA and brother of tainted mining baron G Janardhana Reddy cautioned Muslims against participating in anti-Citizenship (Amendment) Act protests and warned them of dire consequences if they did. At a pro-CAA rally organised by the BJP and ABVP activists on Friday, he said: “We Hindus are 80% in India and if the 17% Muslim population damages our property, we cannot just stand by and watch.”
A video of the speech was widely shared moments after the rally.

“Bewakoofs (idiots) from Congress are lying to you on CAA and you are believing what they say and are coming out onto the streets. Imagine what your situation will be if we turn against you,” he said.

Reddy suggested minorities need to adapt to Indian culture if they wanted to live in India. “This is our country. You have to live in our country,” he said.

Quoting from a fake video of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, he said: “If you want to stay in this country, you have to live as per our customs. If you don’t, we may send you back to your country. Make sure you don’t let such a situation come to pass.” In the fake video, Gillard is heard encouraging Muslims to leave the country.

The Congress, meanwhile, lashed out at him, saying he should be booked for making a provocative speech in public. “This shows the BJP’s mentality. He should be tried under law,” said a senior Congress functionary.

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