The Jammu and Kashmir government today revoked the suspension of a college teacher who had recently argued against the scrapping of Article 370 in the Supreme Court.

The suspension of Zahoor Ahmad Bhat, a senior lecturer of political science, surfaced when the Supreme Court was hearing petitions challenging the centre’s 2019 move.

The Supreme Court had sought to know if the suspension was linked to his court appearance and indicated it would take a dim view if this was the case, suggesting it might be seen as “retribution”.

The government’s top law officer, too, admitted the timing of his suspension was not proper.

The Jammu and Kashmir government revoked the suspension order on Sunday and asked Mr Bhat to “report back for his original place of posting”.

This comes a day before the centre concludes its argument in the Article 370 case before the Supreme Court. This is also the first instance in last the four years that a government order was revoked in Jammu and Kashmir.

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