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SRINAGAR: Dr Jitendra Singh, contesting his third Lok Sabha elections on a BJP ticket from the Udhampur parliamentary constituency, has witnessed a remarkable surge in his wealth over the past 10 years, according to his latest poll affidavit.

Comparing the affidavits filed in 2014 and 2024, the movable and immovable assets of Singh’s wife, Manju, have also shown substantial growth. Mrs Singh, a housewife whose primary income source is interest from bank deposits, saw her assets rise from Rs 65.42 lakh in 2014 to Rs 1.54 crore in 2024.

Singh, 67, a retired medicine professor, submitted his nomination papers, along with the mandatory affidavit, from the Udhampur-Kathua Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday. He has won the seat twice in last two elections and is keen to retain it third time.

According to the latest affidavit, Minister Singh’s movable assets are valued at Rs 3.33 crore, with immovable assets worth Rs 3.71 crore. Meanwhile, his wife’s movable assets stand at Rs 88.88 lakh, with immovable assets at Rs 66 lakhs for the year 2024.
In contrast, the affidavit from 2014 revealed Singh’s movable assets at Rs 88.22 lakh and immovable assets at Rs 2.31 crore. During the same period, his wife’s movable assets were declared at Rs 65.42 lakh.

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