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We at Hindu YUVA draw our inspiration from the ancient Hindu civilizational values that have espoused learning of diverse, and often contrasting, viewpoints. With that spirit, we have always welcomed those who have contrasting viewpoints with openness and engaged in a process of constructive dialogue rooted in mutual respect and appreciation to provide a learning opportunity for all those involved. This dialogue, we believe, is a requirement for coming together to learn and progress as individuals and communities. In continuing this tradition at Hindu YUVA, we hosted a conversation with J Sai Deepak focusing on the evolution of the Bharatiya Civilization with students at UC Berkeley on March 3, 2024.

J Sai Deepak, an eminent lawyer of the Supreme Court of India and a best-selling author, presented the importance of Bharat’s cultural renaissance, bias against native scholars, and the role of Hindu Americans in being ambassadors for a decolonized Hindu Dharma. Over 200 students from UC Berkeley and members of Hindu YUVA attended the dialogue and engaged in a meaningful and enriching conversation spanning the history of Hindu civilization, the role of Hindutva in the current socio-political landscape of India, and the relationship between India – the postcolonial nation-state and Bharat, the birthplace of Hindu civilization that Indian diaspora in the US draws its inspiration from.

Through all of Hindu YUVA’s events and activities, we create a vibrant space to preserve and share the rich tapestry of Hindu Dharma and serve the community. From festival celebrations to thought-provoking discussions and guest speakers, we foster a community that thrives on learning and practicing Hindu Dharma. This engagement not only strengthens our own understanding of Hindu Dharma and its traditions, but also protects our freedom to practice and share about our religion on campus.

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