‘India’s cities highly segregated on the basis of caste and religion’ (Rediff)

‘Government supplied public services are less likely to be found in neighbourhoods with high numbers of Scheduled Castes and Muslims.’


Discrimination on the basis of caste and religion in housing societies is something that many Indians may have experienced.

Now a new working paper on residential segregation in India has been published, which amplifies this fact with the exact figures.

The paper written by Paul Novosad, a professor at Dartmouth university in the US, and founder of devdatalab.org (external link); Sam Asher (associate professor, Imperial College London), Kritarth Jha, Anjali Adukia, faculty, the University of Chicago, Harris Policy and director, MiiE Lab, and Brandon Joel Tan highlights these facts.

In his tweet on June 15, 2023, Paul Novosad stated, ‘Urban places are about as segregated as rural places, for Scheduled Castes. For Muslims, segregation is worse in cities. Scheduled Castes and Muslims are about as segregated as Black people in US cities.’

In an e-mail interview with Rediff.com‘s Syed Firdaus Ashraf, researchers Paul Novosad and Sam Asher speak about the segregation of Scheduled Castes and Muslims in Indian society…

This story was originally published in rediff.com. Read the full story here

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