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New Delhi: Nitasha Kaul – the Indian-origin British academic deported by the government over the weekend after landing at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport – has hit back at claims she was refused entry because she is “married to a Pakistani… a pawn of China… a puppet (of the) West…”

Ms Kaul – who government sources claim was deported because of her “anti-India, pro-separatist sentiments – said was not humiliated, and declared, “I am authoritarians fear… a thinking woman”.

“Re: all the lies, I am not married to a Pakistani, not a Muslim convert, not a pawn of China, not a puppet of (the) West, not a commie (Communist), not a jihadi, not a Pak sympathiser, not a terrorist supporter, not anti-India, and not part of a gang,” she posted on X (formerly Twitter).

“My experience was harrowing… but the humiliation is not mine. It is that of a ridiculous, insecure regime. What I have termed ‘moral wound of colonialism’ in my work is very much on display.”

“Selective resurrections of past macro histories are used to manipulate present sentiment,” she said.

“I urge you to think beyond walls of hate against those different from you… and to read and understand what I say and think, before rushing to condemn. It is hard but it is possible.”

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