Muslim group supports INDIA bloc, criticizes BJP. Christian outfit promotes ‘secularism’, accuses BJP of attacking minorities’ rights, pushing Uniform Civil Code, erasing diversity.

By Julie Mariappan

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Jama’athul Ulama Sabai, an influential body of Muslim clergies in the state, has declared its support to the constituents of INDIA bloc for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Similarly, Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Council has exhorted members of the community to vote and preserve ‘secularism’ to ensure religious faith and human rights of all people.

In a statement, Jama’athul Ulama Sabai said LS polls were the last chance to save India’s democracy, and Congress should get the opportunity and strength to be an alternative to BJP at the national level. “In the past 10 years, BJP govt acted as an anti-people regime. A lot of atrocities took place in the last decade. BJP snatched the rights of religious, linguistic and ethnic minorities, destroying pluralistic India which is the beauty of democracy,” the organisation said.

Meanwhile, in an epistle, TN Bishops’ Council appealed to the community to reject “communal forces”, and the parties that directly support them or indirectly do opportunistic politics that divides votes and hinders chances of candidates the community wants to win.

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