If you kill one of us, we will kill thousands of yours: Bajrang Dal ( Sabrang )

This statement was made in retaliation to the murder of one of its workers in Assam whereby it has claimed that the murderers were “jihadis”

Hate Watch

Bajrang Dal has issued an ultimatum that it will seek revenge as one of its workers was killed in Assam. A Bajrang Dal convenor, Ankit Pandey, while speaking to the media in Banda Uttar Pradesh, said that they were burning effigies of “Islamic hardliners”.

He further said that in order to spread terror plans are being made and hence we are burning effigies and a memorandum is also being sent to the President of India.

Further, as a message to “fundamentalists” he said, “khoon ka badla khoon hoga. Wo ek marenge hum unke hazaar marenge aur ab ye Babur ki auladein apni aukaat me rehkar desh me rahe” (there will be an eye for an eye. If they kill one of us, we will kill thousands. These children of Babur need to be shown their place in this country”)

On January 7, a 16-year-old Bajrang Dal worker, Sambhu Koiri was allegedly hacked to death in Karimganj, Assam.

This story was originally published in sabrangindia.in . Read the full story here


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