Hundreds can be seen repeating the communal and anti-Muslim oath administered by Pravin Togadia ( Sabrang )

Once again, the AHP leader called for a population control law, a uniform civil code, and a love-jihad law

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A video of Pravin Togadia, president of the far-right extremist Hindutva group, Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP), administering an oath to hundreds of Hindus has been gaining attention on social media. The offender in the video uses hate speech when addressing a big audience and saying that they need to work on getting a Population control law, “love jihad” law, and to kick out Bangladeshis (often reference for Muslims) out of India. The incident has been reported from Palwal district of Haryana.

The oath administered by Pravin Togadia:

“Samrudh Hindu (Prosperous Hindu)

Surakshit Hindu (Safe Hindu)

Har Hindu (Every Hindu)

Har Parivar, Humara Gaon, Humara Hindu Samaaj, Humara Hindu Dharma, Humara Hindu Rashtra (Every family, our village, our Hindu society, our Hindu religion, our Hindu country)

Isliye hum jansankhya niyam ka kanoon banwaenge (That is why we will make a law of population rules)

Samaan nagrik kanoon banwaenge (We will enact a uniform civil law)

Anti-love jihad kanoon banwaenge (Anti-love jihad law will be enacted)

Bangladeshiyon ko bhagwaenge (Bangladeshis will be driven away)”

The crowd then chanted ‘Jai Shree Ram’

The video can be viewed here:

Previous instances of Hate Speech against Muslims

Hatred is the chosen metaphor for Pravin Togadia, the international general secretary of the AHP. Pravin Togadia has given anti-Muslim hate speeches on multiple occasions since his inflammatory comments in Gujarat and central India in the early 2000s. He has consistently targeted the Muslim community, calling them Bangladeshis, and raised demands for problematic and discriminatory laws, such as the population control law or the love jihad law.

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