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India is the second-largest democratic country in the world, but it is probably not for Muslims. Muslims are being killed or assaulted in India regularly and there is only one reason behind all these incidents, which is “Islamophobia”.

Hindutva mobs sometimes kill Muslims in the name of cows in India. Sometimes Hindutva mobs force Muslims to chant Jai Shri Ram. Sometimes the police do fake encounters of Muslims.

Slogans are raised openly in India to kill Muslims. At Jantar Mantar, the Hindutva mob raised slogans of “Jab Mulle Kate Jayenge Toh Ram Ram Chillayenge”.

On Fridays, Hindutva mobs have been targeting Muslims in Gurugram, Haryana, for prayers (Namaz Of Juma). They also raise provocative slogans during prayers.

For some time now, the news is going on in many places that Muslims are getting threats to leave their area through Hindutva organisations.

The court grants bail to those who give provocative speeches against Muslims and lynch Muslims, but those Muslims who protest for their rights in a democratic way do not get bail.

At this time, the Muslims of India are in such a situation that they are afraid to protest.

Islamophobia does not stop here. Indian media also has an important role in spreading hatred against Muslims. Every day the media spreads various types of false propaganda against Muslims and runs their shows under names like Love Jihad, Bhumi Jihad, UPSC Jihad, etc.

I feel islamophobia is at its peak in India.

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