Hindutva Rising: Muslim man lynched, day later Hindutva groups disrupt protest for Babri in West Bengal (Sabrang)

Commentators and historians attest that this is the worst level of Hindutva polarisation that the state of West Bengal has seen since partition.

A young Muslim man, named Sheikh Nazrul, from West Bengal’s Chandannagr was beaten and killed on December 5. The incident occurred last Tuesday in Chandannagar’s Harijan Palli area in West Bengal’s Hooghly district, where the 40-year-old man Sheikh Nazrul was killed after he was beaten and assaulted on a street, according to a report by The Observer Post. Nazrul was from Chalke Para in Ward 24 of Chandannagar Municipality and used to work in a chemical factory near Delhi Road.

The report details that the police have stated that the attackers confronted Nazrul on the street after which they started beating him. Sheikh Nazrul and his son Rahul were transporting some material through an e-rickshaw when a flower merchant, known as Shanu Chattopadhyay, reportedly suspected Nazrul of being a thief. Chattopadhyay was then joined by some other men who took to attacking Nazrul due to which he was injured severely. His son was able to take him to the hospital however he was pronounced dead after his arrival there and succumbed to his injuries.

In an interview with The Observer Post, Rahul recounted the harrowing experience and the accusations levelled against his father, “My father used to work in a factory along Delhi Road and also engaged in buying and selling old iron parts. This morning, while transporting those parts towards Harijan Palli, the flower merchant Bhola accused my father of carrying stolen goods and began assaulting him. I fled from the spot. Later, upon returning with my uncle, I found my father lying on the road. When we transported him to the hospital, the doctors informed us of his demise.”

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