Hindutva goons continue threatening Muslim fire-cracker shop owners in MP!

Digvijaya Singh has demanded that the district administration take action; wants PM to make a law forbidding use of pictures of gods of any religion on firecrackers

More videos of Hindutva mobs, raiding and threatening Muslim Shop owners have emerged,  from Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. This time the saffron-scarf wearing Hindutva mobs are larger, and have directly threatened and abused Muslim shop owners with violence and arson if they stock or sell firecrackers named after Hindu gods or goddesses. Fireworks with calendar-style pictures of goddess Lakshmi, have been sold across central and north india, for decades and are burst with great joy by lakhs of Hindus and others celebrating Diwali.

However this year, the Hindutva gang has decided that it is blasphemous to sell these fireworks. They have also decided to go as gangs to raid, and threaten shop owners, specially Muslim shop owners with violent attacks if they sell any fire crackers with packaging the Hindutva groups now dislike. That the shop owners do not have any control over packaging of any goods they sell, is not relevant to the frenzied gang who are looking for an excuse to start a communal argument.

The Hindutva gangs, with most members wearing saffron-gamchas or scarves, barge into shops and warn the owners of dire consequences if they continue selling such products. They film these warnings and get louder if the Muslim shopkeeper tries to reason with them.

In a video, a gang of around half-a-dozen goons,  wearing their trademark saffron scarves are seen arguing with an elderly Muslim shopkeeper. The old shopkeeper can hardly be heard and the goons’ arguments and abuses go on uninterrupted. “We will set your shop ablaze if  you sell firecrackers with Hindu gods or goddesses images. We worship mata Lakshmi. These then come under our feet,” they say one after another, while the vilest of them abuse and use rape threats.

The shopkeeper can be heard telling them these firecrackers have been sold for years, “we don’t make them,” he said. The enlarged Hindutva goon does not care: “Return the products. You can’t sell them. Your licence will be cancelled. Next time we come if we see even one we will set fire to the place,” the threats continue. A local resident then appoints himself the representative of the Hidutva mob and says he will keep an eye on the shop and “I will put this on whatsapp”.

This story first appeared on  sabrangindia.in

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