Hindu priest in front of A Mosque Announces On A Loudspeaker To Kidnap And Rape Muslim Women In India

A screen grab from the video of the Hindu priest where he publicly announces on a loudspeaker through a microphone, outside a mosque, to kidnap and rape Muslim women


By Akhlad Khan – Twitter @BawaNaaved

In a recent incident reported in Indian state, a video has come to fore from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh showing a Hindu priest (Mahant) in front of a Mosque in the presence of Police personels, amid cheers and applauds, openly announcing to kidnap Muslim women and rape them.

A journalist from Alt news in India, Mohammad Zubair, reportedly shared the video on his twitter handle claiming it to be of April 2, 2022, and the area of the incident to have taken place as near ‘Sheshe wali Masjid’ (The Glass Mosque) in the Khairabad area of Sitapur district.

Video footage of the Hindu priest outside a mosque openly announcing on a loudspeaker through a microphone to kidnap and rape Muslim women.

Calls for genocide and violence has become a normal occurrence in India, this abuse against Muslims hiked after the release of a Movie ‘Kashmir Files’. An Indian film focusing on the exodus of thousands of Hindus from Indian-administered Kashmir that won accolades from Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been fanning anti-Muslim sentiments in the country.

Multiple videos were published online showing people in theatres cheering, shouting hate slogans, and calling for violence against Muslims.

On April 3, 2022, a Hindu Mahapanchayat (gathering) was held at New Delhi’s Burari grounds, where at least five journalists were allegedly assaulted while covering the event. The organisers of the event, Preet Singh and Pinky Chaudhary, have both previously been arrested for hate speech at an event organised in August 2021 in Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, where slogans calling for violence against Muslims were raised.

In an another incident that was reported from Chhattisgarh state in India, a video surfaced on social media platforms showing a huge gathering of a mob of Hindu extremists inside a Muslim Sufi Saint’s shrine waving saffron coloured flags while dancing and chanting the slogan ‘Jai Shri Ram (Praise to Hindu lord Ram), however, the higher authorities in India are yet numb to speak up against the open violence calls.

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