Victims explaining the tragedy

Houses of two Muslim families were sent on fire after a Hindu man and his companions threatened them to vacate the village saying that they don’t want any Muslim living in the area. The incident took place in Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa district.

According to Khandwa police, properties of three families were attacked, two Muslims and one Hindu, on Thursday night allegedly by Bunty Upadhyay, who lives meters away from the victim families.

The Indian Express reported that the development comes after Upadhyay attacked Shaukat, owner of one of the houses.

Shaukat’s wife Akeela Bi said that Upadhyay had asked them to vacate the house as “they did not want any Muslims residing in the area”.

Upadhyay was arrested on Shaukat’s complaint. After that, Shaukat and his family shifted to Indore to save themselves from any such attacks.

Fifteen days later, when Bunty got out on bail, he allegedly set three houses on fire, including Shaukat’s. He also allegedly beat Shaukat’s sister Kamroon Bi with a rubber pipe.
“After coming out of jail on January 20, Bunty first attacked Kamroon Bi with a rubber pipe and then set the houses on fire. He had also beaten up two other women.” Akeela Bi said. She further alleged that Upadhyay used to constantly ask them to move out of the area, saying “there was no place for Muslims there”.

The police have registered FIR against Upadhyaya and attempts are underway to arrest him.

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