By Brian Blair

The local Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA recently marked February as Black History Month with Deepti Vijaykumar interviewing Columbus resident Ant Blair about friendships between African Americans and Indian Americans.

The group of believers champions the principles of viewing all humanity as one family and the importance of being in a perpetual state of learning.

Blair enjoyed the sense of unity and more in the surroundings at Sonya’s Dance Zone in Columbus.

“It was a vibrant gathering of Hindu families, where we celebrated each other’s company and our rich, diverse heritages,” Blair said in a post on LinkedIn.

“… We explored the shared histories of our cultures — navigating through tales of colonial oppression and discussing the invaluable lessons our communities can teach each other. What truly warmed my heart was how inclusively I was welcomed by the local Hindu community — surpassing even my experiences within local African-American and European-American communities.

“It was a testament to the universal language of humanity, transcending beyond a mere 90 minutes into a lifetime of memories and lessons. … Reflecting on this experience, I realized that access is the cornerstone of any thriving community,” Blair said.

“Imagine a world where every interaction, every shared story, every moment of learning adds a vibrant thread to the tapestry of our society. Access isn’t just about unlocking doors to opportunities; it’s about nurturing a garden where every seed gets the sunlight it deserves to grow.

“It’s about creating a space where diversity isn’t just accepted but celebrated for the strength and creativity it brings to the table.”

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