Manjunath has been served an externment notice by the district administration.

By Public TV admin

CHIKKAMAGALUR: A former Bajrang Dal activist, who had identified himself with the BJP, has been issued an externment notice by the district administration. He has been directed to present himself before the district deputy commissioner on March 14.

The notice, issued to Manjunath a.k.a. Tudukur Manju, former district convener of the Bajrang Dal, lists 17 reasons for externment under Section 55(AB) of the Karnataka Police Act. Tudukur Manju was named in 24 cases related to the organisation and was discharged in 22 of them while the trial in two more cases is ongoing.

“I have been involved in social activities and patriotic programmes from a young age. I have worked as district convener of the Bajrang Dal for many years, but I have never got such a notice. In the entire district, I am the only person who has been served this notice. A 2017 case which had been closed has now been reopened by the present government in January. Why are Hindu activists being targeted?” Manju asked.

Following the notice, BJP and Hindu groups have accused the current Congress government in the state of deliberately targeting Hindu activists for political reasons. They pointed out that no such notice was issued to Manju during last year’s Assembly election or the 2019 Lok Sabha election.

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