‘He Was Hit By Sticks And Iron Rods In The Head,’ Says Brother Of Muslim Man ‘Lynched By Cow Vigilantes’ In Gujarat (The Observer Post)

By Meer Faisal

On May 22, a Muslim man named Mishri Khan Baloch was allegedly lynched to death by cow vigilantes in Banaskantha, Gujarat, while accompanying a driver transporting buffalos.

Baloch’s brother, Sher Khan, states that Baloch and the driver were chased and stopped by the cow vigilantes, who demanded extortion money from them.

“They asked for 2 lakh rupees from my brother and the driver of the pickup truck and started to beat them. The driver somehow managed to escape but the mob continued to beat my brother,” said Khan.

“He was hit by sticks and iron rods in the head… those injuries most likely caused his death,” he said.

Bache Khan Baloch, the driver of the pickup truck, lodged a complaint with the police saying, “At around 5:00 AM, Mishrikhan, Jumekhan, our mother Biki, and I set out in my pickup truck to the market in Gawadi. We noticed a Scorpio car with a punctured tyre and then it started chasing us. Inside were Akherajsingh Prabatsingh and others from Vatamwala, threatening to kill us.”

This story was originally published in theobserverpost.com. Read the full story here.

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