HateWatch: Inciteful speech given by AHP leader Pravin Togadia at MPS Science College, Bihar ( Sabrang )

Togadia says after fifty years, our houses, our sisters and daughters, nothing will be safe; urges the audience to fight until death

Hate Watch

A video of Pravin Togadia, Hindu supremacist leader of Hindutva group, Antarashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP), speaking at an event organized in MPS Science College, Bihar has been making rounds on social media. In this video, he can be heard giving an anti-Muslim hate speech and spreading his divisive agenda. In his speech, he can be heard making statements like “We will control the state power, and we will decide what the police and army will do. Then we will not have to fight.” Through this speech, Togadia, the notorious hate-offender with the aim of provoking his audience and encouraging them to join the Hinduvta mission of establishing a Hindu nation, made misinformed and offensive claims against the minority community. The full speech has been provided below.

The speech:

“Yaad Rakhna, jab Pakistan bana aur desh bana, tab purre Pakistan aur Bharat mei keval 23% Musalman the. 25% bhi nahi the. (Remember, when Pakistan was created after diving India, the total population of Muslims in India and Pakistan was 23%. They were not even 25 %.)”

“23% ne desh ka ek tihahi hissa, 30% paar karega who mai keh raha hu. Iske peech mere paas most modern scientific evidences hai. (Out of that 23%, Pakistan was created as 1/3rd part of India. it will cross 30% I am telling you. To back this, I have the most modern scientific evidences.)”

“Ab Hindustan ka ek hissa Pakistan nahi hoga, ab purra Bharat islamic state banne wala hai, Darul Islam banne wala hai. Unka seedha plan hai ki ek bhi Hindu ka ghar nahi bachega. (Now, not just one part, but the entire country is going to become an Islamic state, Darul Islam. They will target every Hindu’s house.)”

Jo Sharuyaveer hoga who ladhta ladhta marega, aur kayar hoga woh convert ho jaega. (The one who is powerful will die fighting, and the ones who are cowards will convert.)”

“Mere bhaiyo, seedhe rajsatta par hum log kabza kar lenge. Aur rajsatta par kabze karke, police aur sena kahan kya karegi uska faesla hum log karenge. (My brothers, we will directly control state power. And after controlling state power, we will decide where and what work the police and army will do)”

Humme nahi ladhna padega iss desh ke liye ladegi police aur ladhegi army. (We will not have to fight, the police and the army will fight.)”

Aur rajsatta par kabza janashakti ke aadhar par karenge. Aur jis tareeke se mai mood dekh raha hu, agle maximum 10 saal mei yeh hone ki stithi mai dekh raha hu. (And we will control the state power on the basis of people’s power. And the way I see the mood of the public, I see this happening in the next 10 years.)”

This story was originally published in sabrangindia.in. Read the full story here


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